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Balaji Tube Corporation is a renowned name in Pipe Fittings in the Indian Sub-Continent and contains been manufacturing top quality items for over a decade. It is required that the stainless steel 316 as well as the 304 seamless tubing element can be used for annealing. Standard fittings require no modifications toward tubing. We stock a wide range of tube fittings in many different diameters and shapes. M.S. Forging Fittings are manufactured from superior quality raw product which ensure durability at its user end.

If the free fitting has been inserted between 2 connected fixtures or a fitting and a pipe segment, the part must be a fitting while the fitting should have 2 connections. In the event that free fitting will be placed between 2 linked fittings or a fitting attached to a pipe segment, then the legitimate connections are limited by current connected fittings.

PTFE plumbing tape or other proprietary thread sealing cord wrapped round the threads, increases lubrication and enables the male thread to be screwed in tighter to produce a watertight seal. Pipe fixtures to change a pipeline’s way such as for instance elbows. Note: The Ford Quick Joint Nut is NOT interchangeable along with other Compression fixtures.

Solder fittings are smooth, and easily slip onto the end of a tubing part. Many people also genuinely believe that you should employ a sealing substance or PTFE tape with compression fittings, but merely is not the actual situation (unless your compression fitting is dripping). Flare fittings need modification of this tubing with a particular device.

Bite-type tube fittings need no unique tools for assembly and accommodate higher-pressure ratings compared to those of this initial compression design. Constructed of standard materials including 316 stainless steel, brass, and Monel, other materials particularly duplex metal, titanium, and carbon steel can be obtained upon request.

Fittings are manufactured from different materials including synthetic, metal, copper and iron. Observe that connections of the other fitting are deleted. Copper tubing is accompanied utilizing flare connection, compression connection, or solder. However, it is unavoidable that connections should be broken allowing servicing or replacing components, so detachable fittings are absolutely essential for many nevertheless the many specialized hydraulic systems.

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